Volunteers | Easter Crafts | Church | St George's | AltrinchamWe are in the midst of Volunteering Week and so it was a lovely way to start the week by giving thanks to everyone who has been a part of what we’ve done this year. The more we think about it, the more we realise how many people that has been!

We don’t receive any government grants & all that we do is because people generously give up their time, energy, expertise and money to make it happen. Many of these people come to church regularly, and there are people who every week give up hours of their time to make sure that the church can do what it does. You don’t often see them as they are beavering away in the background or responding to emails, but without them, we’d be really struggling.

But our thanks also go to those further afield – we’ve been particularly bowled over by people’s generosity to our new clothes bank as we seek to support families new to this country and lot of peoples’ willingness to make a cup and tea and sit and chat – this is a great community!

So whether you’ve been helping out in the background, or up front, as a one off or more regularly, a genuine thank you for all the time and care that you have shown – it really has made a difference! #volunteers #volunteering #community