Come and go deeper:

With God, ourselves and each other

We will be having two additional Eucharists on Monday & Tuesday of Holy Week at 10.30am

Palm Sunday

‘Hosanna to the King of Kings!’

Sunday, 2nd April 11.15am for those wishing to parade.

11.30am for those wanting to start at church followed by our Palm Sunday lunch.

Join this yearly parade & service, complete with a real donkey!

For the parade, we meet at the cross opposite The Old Market Tavern and The Orange Tree Pub, just off the A56 Old Market Place  Road, WA14 4DB

Background has 3 green palms, and on top of them are three cream palm crosses. On top of the images are details of the Palm Sunday Service on Sunday 2nd April at 11.15am.

Stations of the Cross

‘We love because he first loved us’

Monday 3rd April, Tuesday 4th April, Wednesday 5th April, 11am-2pm

Do drop in for our Holy Week Prayer Stations and enjoy the silence of this beautiful building.  Around the church will be simple illustrations of the Stations of the Cross. There will be daily written guides should you wish to use them.

The stations of the cross has been a key part of the church’s devotion for many centuries, allowing us to meditate on Jesus’ final path of suffering. The stations of the cross emerged from the early pilgrimage of Christians to Jerusalem seeking to follow the exact path of Jesus from Pilate’s house to the cross. As they did this, they would pause to pray at various points, and, over time, these stopping points were brought back to their home countries and made up the ‘Stations of the Cross’ – a powerful tradition that we continue today.

Advert with a picture from a stone sculpture showing Jesus carrying the cross.

Service of Benediction & Adoration with the opportunity to make an individual Lenten confession to a Priest

‘Down in adoration falling, Lo, the sacred host we hail’

Monday 3rd April, 7.30pm

Holy Cross Church, Park Road, Timperley. WA15 6QG

In partnership with Timperley Parish we’re delighted to offer a Service of Benediction & Adoration – an opportunity to with to worship Christ as He extends His risen and glorified life in heaven to be present sacramentally with His people on earth.

There will also be an opportunity to make an individual Lenten Confession should you wish too.

Advert with a picture from a stone sculpture showing Jesus carrying the cross.
Picture showing the book Liturgy of the Ordinary

Maundy Thursday

‘Do this in remembrance of me’

Thursday, 6th April 7pm followed by a vigil

Maundy Thursday is the day when we gather together to remember Jesus’ Last Supper and reflect on what it meant for him to wash the feet of his disciples.  This service will be a service of Holy Communion, with the opportunity for feet washing should you wish to participate in it.
Then, the service moves to the Stripping of the Altars – a traditional way of entering into the despair of Good Friday, and this will be followed by vigil where we can reflect and pray as we sit in silence at the foot of the cross.

Good Friday

Children’s Easter Story, Crafts and lunch

Friday, 7th April 10am

Come and be part of our Easter extravaganza for children! With 10 stations of crafts, followed by an Easter Egg Hunt and a scrumptious party lunch, this is a fantastic way to start the Easter weekend!

Tickets are £2 per child (adults free), but if this is in any way a problem, do get in contact.

The background is pink, with some decorate Easter Eggs in the right hand corner. At the botton are some painted crosses - one yellow and one green, with a cut out image of a church. Then on top of the images is the text telling people that the Children's Easter Story with crafts and lunch is on Friday 7th April at 10am.

Good Friday

Three hours at the cross

Friday, 7th April 12pm

As we journey towards the cross, join us for meditation and reflection. The three hours will be largely spent in silence, interspersed with reflections. You are welcome to come for the whole time, or drop in as best suits.

A picture of a cross on an angle alongside a candle, with text promoting the Easter Eve service on the 8th April at 7pm

Easter Eve

Rumours of hope

Saturday, 8th April
7pm followed by marshmallow toasting over a fire pit
On Holy Saturday, we’ll be gathering once more at 7pm starting around a fire pit ready to position ourselves for the glory and hope of Easter Day as we renew our baptism vows….

Easter Sunday

He is Risen!

Sunday, 9th April
Do join us for our Easter Day Celebration as we gather to celebrate the moment when death is defeated and hope released!
With an Easter Egg Hunt for the children too.

Be part of St George’s

We Gather Every Sunday

Sundays 8-8.30am Sundays 9.30-10.30am

Plan Your Visit

You can find us at St George’s Parish Church Church Street Altrincham Greater Manchester WA14 4DB Parking is available both in front of church, being it in the parish Centre and, outside of school hours, also with our neighbouring school, Altrincham Primary School.

Special Needs?

We know it can be daunting going to a new place if you have special needs. We are committed to making our church as inclusive as possible, so please do get in touch to discuss how we might enable St George’s to be a place to be for you.

First time?

Many of the traditional services in Holy Week, as we journey with Christ to the cross, have been formed over centuries and enable us to connect with people who have gone before us.  But they also speak into our present, and give us hope and sustenance for the future, even if sometimes the language might be a bit different to what we are used to. If this is your first time in church, don’t worry if you’re not sure what to do, when to stand etc – you are welcome even if you just sit and take it all in! Most importantly, do feel very welcome at the end to ask questions regarding the symbolism, words and actions of each service.


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