Notices for 26 June

It is with great sadness that we report that Lizzie Bell, our organist, has tendered her resignation to pursue her accountancy training.  Her last Sunday will be on Sunday 11 September.  We will then be able to express our appreciation for her 5 years as organist.  We are not going to give her a hard time until then!!  The post has been advertised on the Chester Diocesan website, this week’s Church Times and on our website.

Please don’t miss Sundays at 9.30am but if you can’t come at that
time then there is a Eucharist at 8am on Sundays or 9.30am on
Saturdays.  It is good to be regular.

There is now a “Welcome to St George’s Church” leaflet on the Welcome Table for visitors to the church

Charitable & Missionary Giving: members of the congregation are invited to nominate local charities or good causes which would benefit from charitable giving.  Nominations should be made through a PCC member who would ‘champion’ the cause and should be accompanied by a brief outline of the reasons for the suggestion.  All causes should have accounts available for public scrutiny.  The list of suggested causes will be scrutinised by the PCC who will be responsible for agreeing the final short-list and financial allocations. 

The People Near You

It would be good if you could keep an eye open to those who sit around you in Church and those that you have conversations with.

Firstly if you find that people are missing, they may be ill, on holiday or having a difficult time, we (including Fr Edmund) would like to know as we miss them and would like to help.

Trafford South Foodbank

The regular donations made by members of the congregation at
St George’s are very much appreciated by the Foodbank.  Along with the staple food contributions, donations of toiletries, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shower gel, shampoo, toilet rolls etc and nappies, particularly size 5, would also be very welcome.  Thank you.

SICK                                        ANNIVERSARY OF THEIR DEATH

JANET JONES                            IVAN SPENCE




Book of Remembrance

We keep a Book of Remembrance with names in of those who have died and each year they are on the Intercession list.  Some names are familiar to all of us, others are not.  If you can supply a few words about anyone on the list eg their connection to St George’s, other family members etc – please let Fr Edmund or Lynda in the office have them.  Don’t just think that someone else will have told us, we would rather be told twice or three times than not at all and you might be the only one who remembers this person.

The Giving Machine giving St George’s free cash donations  Remember!  When you are buying any items online, make sure that you generate a free cash donation with every purchase via  There are over 600 of the most popular stores taking part in the scheme making it so easy for you to make difference without it costing you a penny more than the normal purchase price of your item.


Benvenuto   Welkom

Shalom   Bemvindo

Croeso   Velkommen

O God make the doorway of this church
wide enough to receive all who
need human love and fellowship;
Narrow enough to shut out envy, pride and strife.

Make its threshold smooth enough to be no
stumbling block to children or
barrier to the elderly or disabled.

Let its door be open and inviting to all who enter
here, and its walls resound with the praise and worship of your people.

Willkommen   Bienvenue

Bienvenido   Failte

Witamy   Hosgeldiniz

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Picnic in the Park  Sunday 17th July 1pm–

Picnic in the park will be fun for all, including games, a treasure hunt or just a chat with friends.

Please bring your own picnic food.  We will meet in John Leigh Park at 1pm and enjoy the sunshine and fun for all the family and ages.

“Dunham Roaming”  11th September 2016 @ 12pm
We will meet in the visitor centre garden and take a gentle stroll through Dunham Massey to the Swan with Two Nicks for refreshment (about a mile or so) and then return to Dunham Massey afterwards.  All are welcome to join us.
Harvest Supper and Beetle Drive Saturday 1st October 2016

Further details to follow about this event.

Please don’t miss Sundays at 9.30am but if you can’t come at that time then there is a Eucharist at 8am on Sundays or 9.30am on  Saturdays.  It is good to be regular.

Please let Fr Edmund know of people going into hospital, residential accommodation or who are housebound.