With a General Election looming, we teamed up with Altrincham Methodist Church to host a hustings for all the local candidates.

We were delighted that all bar one could make it, and even more thrilled that the church was full with people keen to ask questions of the people who were wanting to represent us in the next parliament.  We were particularly delighted to see some younger faces, with one Year 8 student finding his question being the one chosen to be asked!

As people came in, we asked them to submit their questions. We then had a small team on hand ready to categorise them and send a ‘summing up’ question to the front for our panel to answer.

As each candidate answered, we had three young people timing them, putting up cards to let each person know how much longer they had left.

The debate had a really positive tone, and we were grateful for all who took the time to be there.