Pentecost is always a time of joy for the church, and even more so where there are people being baptised too!

Thanks to the artistic gifting of the wonderful Jane Parker, we did we also enjoyed a stunning canopy of paper doves installed over the Altar that seemed to shift as you walked around the church!

Then we baptised seven people! Most chose to be baptised via sprinkling (or, to use it’s proper name, affusion (pouring) or aspersion (sprinkling)!) but two decided that they wanted to be baptised via full immersion!

Full immersion of course goes right back to Christ being baptised in the River Jordan. Whichever version of baptism you prefer, the symbolism of water cleansing us from sin, and those being baptised ‘dying’ and ‘rising again to new life’ is a powerful one, and most churches will offer both options.

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