It was one of those moments of indecision – do we stay or do we go?!  We started off setting up inside the Parish Centre as we spotted a few heavy looking clouds. But then, we gathered some courage (!) and moved everything outside – there was a brief shower at the beginning which made us doubt ourselves again, but then the sun took over, and we basked in it’s rays for the rest of the afternoon!

And what a great afternoon it was! Lots of relaxing, laughing and eating, alongside lots of games for the children – from traditional games such as Hook A Duck, sack races and egg and spoon races, to raffles and the now obligatory games of pound coins and a bottle of champagne (it’s hard to explain – come along next time to see it!).

The food, overseen by the wonderful Janet, was fabulous, and many thanks to everyone who took the time to set up, set down, cook and just be there – we loved it so much it was hard to get people to leave at the end!