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Church Walk, Altrincham WA14 4TT || Sunday services @ 8am & 9:30am

A place to be with God.

Express, grow and explore your faith

We are a welcoming community of faith that seeks to honour the traditions of the church in a way that revives, refreshes and equips us for our life in the present, and helps guides us for the opportunities & challenges of the future.

A place for everyone to belong.

We are a multi-generational community, drawn from all walks of life.

During the winter months we will often talk about how we are a ‘warm’ church both in terms of the temperature, but, more importantly, in our welcome as people come explore life at St George’s at their own pace.

We welcome everyone, regardless of what age you are, how much noise you (or your children!) make. If you, or your children, have special needs we will seek to work with you to make sure that St George’s is a place you can call home too.

A living, active, community.

We believe that our faith makes a difference to how we live and work.  We are committed to serving our parish and beyond during the week. Do come and be part our coffee mornings, Knit & Natter & Soup Lunch – regardless of whether you come to our services or not.


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Did someone mention the ‘C’ word?!


The Christmas TV Adverts are out, the supermarkets are getting filled with mince pies, so suddenly Christmas feels that bit nearer!

So much is going on that we’ve dedicated a whole page to our Christmas Services & Events: follow the link to find out what’s happening and get the dates into your diary!

St Georges | Church | Christmas | Follow the Star | Community | Family | Children | Carols | Candles | Advent | Christingle | Candlelight | Nativity

Coming Up Soon:

Lots is going on over this Festive Period, so a few things to highlight!


Christmas Ceilidh

Saturday 9th, 7pm

Imagine a room lit by twinkling fairy lights, with music, dancing, cheese & wine (and nibbles for the children). This is a fabulous family-friendly event full of laughter!

Tickets are £8 for adults, and £5 for children. As ever, if that’s an issue, get in touch – we want you to be there.

Christmas Ceilidh | Christmas | Barn Dance | NibblesTickets can be ordered from here:




Pop-Up Nativity

Sunday 10th 4pm

Put on your favourite costume, or come as you are, and help create a Nativity Scene (complete with a real life donkey!).

With all your favourite Children’s Carols, the church decorated with trees and candles, this is a perfect way to create those wonderful memorable moments that will last a lifetime!


Children’s Christmas Party

Sunday 10th, 5pm

👉Hall: Booked

👉Children’s DJ & entertainer: Booked

👉Food: Ordered

👉Madness & Fun: Guaranteed!

What better way to put your children in the Christmas mood than with this wonderful party?!

During the year, our social group raises money so that each Christmas we can treat our children to a party for as little as possible!

Places are £2 for each child, but as ever, if money is an issue please do get in touch – we want you to be there!

| Children | Party | St George's | Church | CommunityYou can book here:

One adult needs to remain, and be responsible for, each child/children throughout the event.



And that’s just this coming weekend of December! There is so much more to come – Carols by Candlelight (complete with a Brass Band), Carols in the Park and of course, our Christmas Eve Christingle!  Follow the link below for more information….

St Georges | Church | Christmas | Follow the Star | Community | Family | Children | Carols | Candles | Advent | Dancing | Ceilidh | Barn Dance
St Georges | Church | Christmas | Follow the Star | Community | Family | Children | Carols | Candles | Advent | Gifts | Nativity
St Georges | Church | Christmas | Follow the Star | Community | Family | Children | Carols | Candles | Advent |party | music | Food

Come and be part of our Sunday and mid week services


Sundays; 8am, 9.30am (with Junior Church)

Tuesday; 3.30-4.30 (aimed at young families)

Wednesdays; 10am

We hold a range of services that appeal to different people – do come and be part of the one that works best for you.

St George's Church | Altrincham | Church of England
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St George's | Church | Altrincham | Easter Day | Families
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Learn English, Well Being and some food as well!

Three new groups have begun!

Three (yes, three!) new groups are starting at the Vicarage!
We’ve partnered with Sol Diaz from Globe Wellbeing, who is running two new courses:
On a Wednesday from 11.30-1.30pm she is running a woman’s welling being activities course at the Vicarage,
Then, on a Friday she is also running an 🗣️ESOL course🗣️  which we’ve then followed up with ‘Meals around the world’ – a chance to enjoy a cuisine from around the world.
Do come and be part of them!


St Georges | Church | Wellbeing | Community | Friends
ESOL | St Georges | Altrincham | English Classes | Free
Social | St Georges Church | Community | Lunch | Warm Space | Support

به کلیسای سنت جورج آلترینکهام خوش آمدید

هر یکشنبه ، ساعت ۸ صبح و ساعت ۹:۳۰ صبح در کلیسای گرم‌مان گرد هم می‌آییم تا کنار یکدیگر در حضور خدا ساعتی مشارکت داشته باشیم. خدا را با دعاها و سرودها بپرستیم و کلام خدا را بشنویم.

اگر در جستجوی آرامش حقیقی، شفا و زندگی ابدی هستید، عیسی مسیح آن را به شما عطا خواهد کرد


Church Walk, Altrincham, WA14 4TT

ما در طول هفته نیز گردهمی‌های محلی و دوستانه‌ای داریم که اگر دوست‌ داشته باشید خوشحال می‌شویم که به ما بپیوندید

چهارشنبه ها ۱۰ صبح ، عشای ربانی – ۱۰:۳۰ صبح چای و قهوه

پنجشنبه ها ۱۲:۳۰ ظهر ، ناهار سوپ

برای اطلاعات بیشتر می توانید به وبسایت کلیسا نگاه کنید

St Georges | John Leigh Park | Advent | Christmas | Activities | Community | Free
St Georges | Church | Halloween | Altrincham | Community
The school summer holidays are finally here!

The school summer holidays are finally here!

Thanks to the sterling work of many, & despite the rain, Altrincham Primary School was sent off to enjoy their summer holidays! It was, as ever, a privilege on behalf of St Margarets & St George's to host pupils & staff from Altrincham Primary School for...

Giving thank for our volunteers

Giving thank for our volunteers

We are in the midst of Volunteering Week and so it was a lovely way to start the week by giving thanks to everyone who has been a part of what we've done this year. The more we think about it, the more we realise how many people that has been! We don't receive any...

Praying around our Parish

Praying around our Parish

As part of Thy Kingdom Come, we spent a day walking around the edges of our Parish praying for those who live and work within them. The sun was shining, the rain stayed away and there was a lovely wind to aid us on our way! It was also lovely to have chance to stop...

Adventures in prayer….

Adventures in prayer….

Altrincham Primary School come over as we explore all the different ways Christians can pray: And it turns out, there are lots! Yesterday was a hive of activity as we got ready for our first every Prayer Spaces - various post it notes, water, plasters, flowers, sand,...


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