Early Years to KS1

With you every step of the way

A church where everyone can find a home

Those early years of nursery and school can be quite the juggling act!

Here at St George’s there are groups for you to be part of that both allow your children to explore their faith, have fun

and for you to get support and make friends along the way too.


Tuesdays, 3.20pm during term time.

Tea & Tales

Church & Parish Centre

We know that Sunday can be a day of conflicting demands on a families time.

So on Tuesdays we gather today for a relaxed, and informal service straight after school with crafts, songs and plenty of space for some running around!

It’s open to everyone (regardless of what school you go to), and is particularly aimed at children at primary school. It’s followed by a light tea, and is a wonderful community to be part of.

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Tuesdays, 12.20pm

Term time

Draw with Dee

Altrincham CE Primary School 

Open to all children in KS1.  Dee is our Family & Children’s Lead.

A relaxed space mid week to come and chill out, doodle and draw, and chat away!

Please let your school teacher know if your child would like to be part of this group.

Sundays, 9.30am 

Junior Church


Children are really important to us, and it’s important to us that young children feel at home in their church which we know will come with some noise and energy depending on their mood!

Each Sunday we have some fantastic provision for our children. Normally, they will join us at the start of the service and then go out with Dee and her team to enjoy their own session and let off some much needed steam! Sometimes we have a fun filled family service (for things such as Harvest) at which point they stay in, playing a full part in all that’s going on.

For those younger, and indeed, for any children who would prefer to stay in the service there is a children’s area where they can explore all that’s on offer during the service. Also, as they get older, many of our children play an active role in our services by doing things such as reading and being the acolytes (carrying the candles) which we love!​

After the service, we all gather for coffee and biscuits, and our children get well and truly spoilt!

Church is a wonderful way for children to get comfortable speaking to a wide range of people, and gives their adults some space to reflect on the week and get a hot drink too at the end of it!

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Second Sunday of the month



It’s aways a delight to Christen children of all ages, so if this is something you would like to explore, follow the link for more information.

Be part of St George’s

We Gather Every Sunday

Sundays 8-8.30am

Sundays 9.30-10.30am

Plan Your Visit

You can find us at St George’s Church, Church Street, Altrincham, Greater Manchester. WA14 4DB. Parking is available both in front of church, in the car park in front of the Parish Centre and (outside of school hours) also with our neighbouring school, Altrincham CE Primary School just off Townfield Road, WA14 4DS.

Special Needs?

We know it can be daunting going to a new place if you or someone you know or are responsible for, have special needs. We are committed to making our church as inclusive as possible, so please do get in touch to discuss how we might enable St George’s to be a place for you.

First time?

We know that joining a new group can be hard, especially when you’ve not been there before or don’t know anyone.

Please be assured that nearly everyone starts off in the same boat, and that we are very relaxed and go out of our way to make you feel quickly at home.

If you are feeling particuarly anxious, and would like to meet a ‘friendly face’ before going in, or perhaps have a quick phone call to check everything out, do get in touch here and we can easily arrange it.


St George’s Parish Church Church Street Altrincham Greater Manchester WA14 4DB

0161 941 4037

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