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New Here?

​We hold a number of different services here at St George’s for all ages and stages of life and faith.

Do come and be part of them.

Sunday Mornings

Our services are a place for those for whom faith is something that they have lived out for many years, and also for those who are coming to explore, ask questions, and reflect on what the Christian faith might mean for their lives.

We often refer to our Christian faith as a ‘journey’ and wherever you are on that path, do feel that this is a place that you can be at home in.

We have two services, one at 8am, and one at 9.30am.

Wednesday Mid-Week Eucharist:

This service is a wonderful place to get some space and re-orientate yourself for all that the rest of the week has in store.  It’s a simple service where we pray for our Parish and our town.  It lasts for only for half an hour, and is followed by coffee.

Morning Prayer

Morning prayer is often referred to as ‘the Office’ as there is a sense of work behind it – it’s part of our every day routine.

It’s a way of praying that draws on centuries of traditional and is infused with rich bible passages and readings.

We pray for our Parish, town, nation and world, whilst also making space to bring our own concerns to God as well.

Do come and be part of it.



Prayer Requests

‘Say one for me’

As the Parish Church of Altrincham, we pray regularly for our community that we serve: it’s people, it’s school and all the business that surround us too.

We believe that all parts of our lives matter to God – whether that is with our friends and families, or in our workplaces too.

If you would like us to pray for anything specific, it would be a privilege to do so.  So please do follow the link below to let us know.

Festival Services

During the year we have a number of special services known as ‘Festival Services’.

These range from the obvious – Easter, Harvest, Remembrance and a whole host of traditional Christmas services, to the not so obvious – a Memorial Service,  a Pop-Up Nativity, a Pet Service, the Blessing of the Bags and many more!

Do keep an eye on our website and social media channels for more information.

Home Communions

Holy Communion is gladly taken to the sick and house bound – please let the clergy also know those who value a visit at home or in hospital.

Life Events

The Church of England is in every community, and has been helping people mark, the significant moments of life for generations.

You do not have to ‘do’ church in order to be part of them.

Please click on a link below to find out more.


​We would be delighted to Christen your baby, toddler or child!


From the moment you are in touch with us, throughout the funeral service, and for as long as you need us afterwards, we’re here for you.

Funerals are open to anyone, regardless of whether you go to church or not.


Marrying in church is personal, meaningful, spiritual and beautiful; just as you want it to be!

Confirmation & Baptism

Confirmation is a wonderful way to explore and affirm your faith.

If you have not been christened as a child, you may wish to explore being baptised too.

Lent & Easter 2024!

Lent & Easter 2024!

Lent and Easter are two very special seasons for Christians throughout the world. It’s the time when we stand back, take stock and reflect and remember once again Christ’s journey to the cross.  It’s inevitably a more serious season – the church is bare, and...

Pancakes Galore!

Pancakes Galore!

It was with a bit of consternation that we realised that Shrove Tuesday landed right in the middle of half term. A few chats with people here and there, and we began to imagine that the whole of Altrincham might be heading off on holiday (a slight over exaggeration,...


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