Come and volunteer with us!

Come and join our family of volunteers and make new friends.

It is only through the time, energy and skills of our volunteers that we can do the work we can do; so do come and be part of it, and help make a difference to our church and local community.

Why volunteer with us?

We’re part of the Church of England – this means that we have a geographical location (called ‘The Parish) that we are asked to serve.

This means, that although some of our church life is based within the building that is St George’s Church, we also seek to do groups and events that bless our community.

So that means that whether you are ‘religious’ or not, there is likely to be a place for you!

What things do we do?



This is the day when we gather for our main services. Our volunteers welcome, read, pray, make refreshments and help in the general organisation of our time together.



During the week, we have groups that are open to everyone in the community, regardless of whether they come to church on a Sunday or not. So we have our School Run Cuppas, our Knit & Natter group and our mid week coffee. We’d love to have more! Our new Children & Families worker also has lots of plans, but she needs a team – so the more volunteers we have the better!


One-Off Events

We also have one-off Events – such as our Halloween Light Stop where we hand out sweets, glo-sticks and hot drinks for everyone trick n’ treating. We also have various social events during the year, and the more hands on decks the better.


Behing the Scenes

Behind the scenes is a small army cleaning, decorating, planning – whether you are skilled at admistration, or are willing to keep a garden tidy, or help our church look it’s very best – there’s a place for you.


Duke of Edinburgh

We’re a great place to learn a new skill, or volunteer to support an activity – get in touch and let us know when you are free and we can tell you what is on!


Anything else I should know?

Our work with children and vunerable adults will require a DSB and relevant safeguarding training.

A photo showing five volunteers leaning on the kitchen counter and smiling.
Picture of two teenagers holding the Christingle that they made
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It costs us £2000 a week to run our church, groups and services.
Might you be willing to be part of it by donating to our work?

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