Special needs: Everyone is welcome

We believe firmly that everyone is welcome here at St George's and if you, or someone you know, has special needs then we will do all we can to enable them to feel at home.
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St George’s: A place where everyone is welcome

We are a church that would seeks to work with each individual to make sure that St George’s is a community that everyone can come to and be a part of.

This page is still very much under construction.

But we’ve decided to make it live in case the little that we have here is a helpful starting point for people with special needs.

We hope that over time, this page will grow with lots of useful resources and information that enables everyone to come and enjoy being part of this wonderful community,

Some information

Below is some information that we hope you might find helpful.

We are aware that there are likely to be other questions or topics that we haven’t covered here yet – do get in touch, and we’ll do our best to help.

Wheelchair Access

Although we have pews, there is space at the front and at the back for wheelchairs, and the aisles are wide enough for a wheelchair to move easily down them.

If you enter via the Parish Centre (in front of which is disabled parking) there is then a level path into church. There are no steps into the main door.

The nave altar was purposefully built to accommodate wheelchair access.

A disabled toilet is found in the Parish Centre along with the other toilets (we currently don’t have any toilets in the church itself, but plans are underway for toilets, of which one will be a disabled one).

The 8am service on a Sunday is held in the small Lady Chapel which is accessed by small steps. However, it would be perfectly possible to bring a chair up to the steps and still feel a part of it – we often put chairs there when there are too many people to fit into the chapel itself.

Hard of Hearing

We have a loop system in church, and, minus any technological difficulties, all our services are led through microphones.


We have some children with ASD. They are welcome to enjoy church as best suits them – some wear their ear defenders to services, others sit on their own at the back with an electronic device, others sit right at the front and enjoy the rhythm and routine of our services.

We have worked with parents to create social stories for our services, and would be more than happy to do this for others. We are hoping, over time, to create a bank of photos that would help people to create their own stories.

Our special services are usually planned well in advance, and we are always happy to email out the scripts and plans to those who find it easier to know what is going to happen.

Our Sunday Services are usually finalised by Thursday, and we email them various distribution lists, so it’s never a problem to email them out to anyone who needs them.


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