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The Church of England is in every community and has been helping people navigate different moments of life for centuries.

If you would appreciate a visit, a listening ear, signposting to help or just someone to have a coffee with, please do get in touch.

This page tells you about:

  • St George’s Visiting Group
  • What to expect
  • What to do if you are worried about the visitor or the visit
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Who are the Visitors?

The Visiting Group is made up of men and women who are part of St George’s community. They are drawn from many different walks of life and are part of a number of ways in which St George’s keeps in touch with the community.


When might the Visiting Group get in touch?

At its most straightforward, this would happen if a visit is requested by someone or when a member of our community, for example, Reverend Claire, suggests to that person that it may be helpful. This might happen following a major life event like a bereavement, or a birth, retirement or redundancy, illness or rehabilitation, but it might also happen when someone is feeling cut off from others or want to talk with another in confidence.

How often will they visit?


The Visiting Group  is made up of a small number of people, some of whom are working, while others are retired. The frequency of the visits will be something you and they can discuss together.

What about my security and confidentiality?

All visitors have been checked the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) and undertaken training in safeguarding.

For the most part, their contact with you will be confidential. However they observe the usual limited of confidentiality, for example, if they should be concerned about your or anyone else’s safety they may need to let someone else know. They might also speak with a fellow visitor about their visits as a way of supporting them in their work, and to ensure that they offer you care and contact in an appropriate way.

Getting in touch:

If you want to get a message to the visitor, or are in any way concerned about your visitor, you can contact:


The Reverend Claire Corley on  07811 151 02#

Ann Littlewood, Visiting Group Leader, on 0771 401 5932

Liv Tattum, Parish Safeguarding Officer, on  07740 198 557


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