As part of Thy Kingdom Come, we spent a day walking around the edges of our Parish praying for those who live and work within them.

The sun was shining, the rain stayed away and there was a lovely wind to aid us on our way! It was also lovely to have chance to stop and spot things we often miss – the small stream, the canal boat moorings, as well as catch up with the history of some of our new estates.

Joined by colleagues and church members from Partington, Timperley and Broadheath we prayed for our businesses, those living within our Parishes, those in our schools and all our neighbouring churches too. There was a small hiccup when we needed to cross a canal but realised that we had slightly overestimated how close the bridge was (!) but other than that, all went smoothly and it was lovely stopping and chatting to people along the way.

If you’d like prayer, do let us know here – it is always a privilege to pray for you, your friends and family, and your work too.