It’s only just November but we’ve spent a long time thinking about Christmas….!

It’s a strange time of the year – in September it’s a new start and everyone is gearing up for the new academic year, but in the background, Christmas conversation are already well underway,

Over these past couple of week, our plans are firming up (we’ve even put up our Christmas Event page on here!), practicalities are being sorted, Christmas Tree ordered, and things are beginning (thankfully!) to fall into place.

But one thing that means that Christmas really is ready to go is when you see all our wonderful volunteers from Knit & Natter & Mother’s Union starting to bag up the 500 handknitted Christmas Decorations ready to get scattered all over all the Parish. They look just stunning! They are so well done, and each comes in a little bag to keep them dry, with a wee card telling you where they are from!

We’re aiming to scatter them around the Parish in late November, so watch this space!

Meanwhile, here are some of the wonderful ladies who have spent literally most of this year knitting them!St Georges | Church | Christmas | Follow the Star | Community \ Christmas | Decorations