Posada | Christmas | Altrincham CE Primary School | Altrincham | St GeorgesThanks to the ever-talented Miss Stevens, each class in Altrincham CE Primary School have had a Posada which is spending Advent travelling from house to house. It’s the first time that we’ve done this, and it has created a lovely buzz of excitement as the children wait their turn to take them home for the night.

What is Posada?

Posada is a tradition that comes from Mexico, in South America. It’s inspired by the journey that Mary & Joseph’s journey took to Bethlehem. The word ‘Posada’ means ‘Inn’  – a bit like a hotel.

The Posada is made up of the main characters from the Christian Nativity Story often known as the ‘Holy Family’.

Traditionally, Posada travelled from house to house for the 9 days before Christmas, with each house taking it turns to host the Holy Family. Obviously, each class is likely to have more than 9 wanting to take it home, so pupils have been doing it for a lot longer!

Welcoming the weary travellers if only for a night demonstrates the importance of hospitality in a lived-out faith. Throughout the Bible God urges us to care for one another, including ‘the stranger’ (Deut 10:19).

How does it work?

Each child is being given the opportunity to take a Posada home for night. The children have been encouraged to use the time to explore the theme of hospitality and reflect on what it must be like for people that might not have a place to sleep that night, or people that are having to move to places that are new to them.

That evening, the children will be responsible for looking after the Holy Family: Posada | Christmas | Altrincham CE Primary School | Altrincham | St Georges

  • Some pupils have said prayers as they put them to bed – thinking about those who don’t have a stable home
  • Some have read them a bedtime story
  • Some have decorated them

Among many other ways and means to make them feel special and at home!

Then they bring them back to school the next day, ready for someone else to take them home and look after them!