Fun, laughter and lots, and lots, of cheese!

Despite the appalling weather, the warm Parish Room was transformed into a twinkling haven  as all ages and stages gathered together to dance and chat the gloomy night away!

Here at St George’s, we’ve been exploring ways to develop our social life, especially after Covid had shut so much down.  We’re aiming for at least one ‘event’ each half term, and it being Christmas, we thought we’d go for a Christmas Ceilidh (aka Barn Dance –but we rather liked the alliteration of Christmas & Ceilidh!).

So Dee (our children’s and family lead who also happens to be a dance teacher – very handy!) was duly dispatched to go and learn some Ceilidh dances and she did herself proud!  With music blaring, she called with aplomb and soon had the whole room dancing away amidst lots of giggles as we slowly got the hang of it. With lots of little breaks to replenish ourselves with cheese, biscuits, and a glass of wine (or two!), the evening passed by quickly and it was soon time for home.

It was the first time we had tried this, so we all felt a little nervous, but it was wonderful and we’re already talking about when the next one will be – we thought we could tie it into a summer BBQ?!